An Ukrainian court 8 arrested an Israeli organ trafficking suspect in Lviv, who was sought by Interpola��s red notice.

Israel is engaged in systematic harvesting of organs belonging to Palestinians and selling them on black markets in Europe.WhileA�Ukrainian police arrested dozen of Israelis in 2010 forA�harvestingA�organs and selling them in theA�black market,another network is active still in Lviv,Ukraine whichA�transfer organsA�A�to Israelis and Jews across Europe.

Meanwhile a number of Palestinian families have registered formal complaints over the years upon observing the returned bodies of their family members conspicuously missing body parts. A pro-Israeli magazineA�theA�ForwardA�confirmed that Israel had been routinely stealing Palestiniansa�� organs for Israeli citizensa�� spare parts. Finally even the pro-IsraeliA�New York TimesA�has called out the Tel Aviv regime for its a�?disproportionate rolea�? in organ trafficking since 2000.

InA�November 2012 the Palestinian ambassador to the UN once again accused the Israeli regime withA�harvesting Palestiniansa�� organskilled in clashes with occupying forces. Then as far back as October 2012 reports that theA�US backed Free Syrian ArmyA�had been engaging in this same heinous practice of kidnapping-murder of Syrian civilians for organ harvesting.